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Greenhouse Dehumidifiers | A Grower’s Humidity Control Guide

Greenhouses are essential for the year-round cultivation of fruits, vegetables, and other plants, but they pose some unique humidity and climate control challenges. The space can get especially warm during the day, then as the outside temperature drops at night, condensation can form on cooler surfaces. 

Changing temperatures and humidity levels don’t allow for optimal plant growth, as many types of plants require very specific conditions to thrive. For greenhouse farmers, a greenhouse dehumidifier is key to ensuring a successful crop.

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Outdoor Air Dehumidifiers 101: Types and Applications

In humid climates, outdoor dehumidifiers are a practical solution for creating a more comfortable indoor environment. These versatile systems can be ducted into the air handling unit (AHU) or placed directly in the room, if necessary. As they remove the stale or odor-filled air from a home, office, or other space, they dehumidify the make-up air as it’s drawn in.

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Industrial Dehumidifiers 101: A Complete Guide

Industrial dehumidifiers are normally separated into two distinct types, refrigerated and desiccant.  Generally refrigerated dehumidifiers are specified for applications where dew points of 50 degrees and higher are required.  Desiccant dehumidifiers are specified when dew points of less than 50 degrees are required.  

The information below will concern itself with refrigerated dehumidifiers only.

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Industrial Dehumidifiers “Made in the USA”

made in the USAIn industrial and commercial settings, industrial dehumidifiers are essential when the control of dewpoint and relative humidity are crucial in specific applications.  Uncontrolled moisture will pose numerous problems in the form of defective product production, building deterioration and unsuitable environments for workers just to name a few.  

Because domestically manufactured industrial dehumidifiers must meet strict regulations and standards, the quality of a US-made dehumidifier are often higher than a unit outsourced from other countries where standards are are a second thought.  

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Commercial Dehumidifiers for Assorted Applications

Climate and humidity control are major considerations for businesses in a wide range of industries where the control of relative humidity and dew point are crucial.  The following are several, but not limited to, examples including hotels/motels, fitness centers, warehousing facilities pharmaceuticals, museums, water treatment plants, packaging,  printing industry and outdoor makeup air. Uncontrolled humidity in these environments can result in defective products, mold, mildew, corrosion leading to unnecessary unforseen costs. 

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The Benefits of Indoor Pool Room Dehumidification

Residential swimming pool dehumidifersAn indoor pool, whether it’s at home or a hotel, spa, or gym, can be one of life’s greatest pleasures or your worst nightmare depending on how well you control the room’s humidity. Children and adults alike love to splash in the water and enjoy the security, comfort, and convenience of an indoor setting any time of the year. However, an indoor pool also comes with its share of challenges and responsibilities for the owner or operator, and one of those is ensuring proper pool water chemistry while maintaining a clean and inviting atmosphere.

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Outdoor Make-Up Air 101: What Is It & Common Applications

Outdoor Make Up Air Dehumidifier unit

Air quality in your home, office or industrial facility is greatly affected by ventilation systems throughout the building. Ventilation applications help to control excess moisture, temperature, and odors in the building by introducing dehumidified, heated or cooled fresh air from the outdoors.

Without fresh air from the outdoors, your air quality may still be poor. 100% outdoor air dehumidifiers solve this problem by providing filtered, dehumidified, and heated or cooled air directly from the outdoors into your space. This injection of fresh air, known as “make-up air” can ensure the comfort and safety of residents and workers alike. 

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Hemp Drying & The Use of Dehumidifiers for Humidity Control

hemp dryingThe hemp-based product market has grown significantly in recent years. In response to increasing consumer demand, companies within the market have sought ways to improve production operations. One area of focus is the drying process, which is crucial to ensuring the quality and safety of products. Below, we go into more detail about the hemp drying process and the role of dehumidifiers in it.
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