Outdoor Make-Up Air 101: What Is It & Common Applications

Outdoor Make Up Air Dehumidifier unit

Air quality in your home, office or industrial facility is greatly affected by ventilation systems throughout the building. Ventilation applications help to control excess moisture, temperature, and odors in the building by introducing dehumidified, heated or cooled fresh air from the outdoors.

Without fresh air from the outdoors, your air quality may still be poor. 100% outdoor air dehumidifiers solve this problem by providing filtered, dehumidified, and heated or cooled air directly from the outdoors into your space. This injection of fresh air, known as “make-up air” can ensure the comfort and safety of residents and workers alike. 

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When 100% Outdoor Air Dehumidifiers Are Needed

Maintaining proper indoor air quality is essential for ensuring optimal comfort in a variety of applications. Proper ventilation and humidity management must be implemented in a range of environments that involve anyplace that the public have access.

For systems dealing with high-moisture outdoor air loads (naturally humid climates, for example), employing a 100% Outdoor Air (OA) Dehumidifier can help manage required occupant make up air, and the overall quality of the environment. While extremely versatile, these units are most effective when ducted into an existing Air Handling Unit (AHU) or directly into the space at hand as a last resort.

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