Overcoming Voltage Fluctuation Obstacles in the Summer

Posted by TWPdehumidifier | Sep 4, 2015 10:13:00 AM

As anyone who pays an electricity bill can tell you, air conditioners can use a tremendous amount of electricity. When that increased usage is applied across a large population, such as the New York, Madison, or Los Angeles metropolitan areas, the power grids serving those areas are put under a tremendous amount of strain.

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The Insider's Guide to Fighting Summer Humidity

Posted by TWPdehumidifier | Jul 1, 2015 2:47:00 PM

Dehumidifier Corporation of America (DCA) designs dehumidification systems for a wide range of applications. We have provided dehumidification solutions to hotel and motel chains, homeowners and manufacturing facilities where the control of relative humidity is critical. No matter what kind of building you operate, summer humidity can pose a real problem. High humidity is a particular threat for facilities that store sensitive items that can be ruined by moisture, like food or powdered products that take on moisture.

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