An investment casting plant in Mexico required a custom designed dehumidification system for their ceramic casting and storage room.

The problems faced here were Mexico’s high ambient temperature with high humidity and the large moisture load from the manufacturing process. The DCA application engineers selected a DCA5500T-RA dehumidifier. Also complicating the problem was the very large moisture load in a small volume room. It was determined that a low CFM re-circulating dehumidifier would be needed.

A custom designed DCA5500T-RA reduced air flow dehumidifier was selected which uses oversized 15 ton coils to provide the necessary 3600 CFM. These oversized coils allowed the nominal 12 ton system to operate at a reduced 3600 CFM.

The logic here was to use larger coils at a lower CFM which insured that the air through the coils spent more time in the coils with more contact surface, allowing greater moisture removal. This system removed the required moisture from the drying cycle while maintaining proper space humidity while the casting were being stored prior to firing.

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