The Simmons Center, a large recreation center in Duncan, OK, was planning a major remodeling project which included the pool room and updating the HVAC system serving the aging pool area.

This was a large space with a large swimming pool and would required fifty tons of dehumidification. One large dehumidification system could control the moisture but one system could also present problems with comfort, air distribution and duct design. Multiple systems would likely be needed for proper humidity control and comfort.

DCA’s solution was to design two complete dehumidification systems, each with its own set of ductwork. Furthermore, the outdoor air was decoupled from each dehumidifier and moisture reduced by a separate 100% outdoor air dehumidifier before being introduced to each system.

Two DCA9000T twenty ton dehumidifiers, and two custom DCA3000T six ton 100% air dehumidifiers for a total of fifty two tons were designed and installed outdoors. Each system included its own gas duct heater for space heating and remote condenser for space cooling.

The systems operate on their own independent controls, therefore potentially providing energy savings when the total capacity is not needed, for example during non-peak unoccupied periods. During annual dry weather periods the 100% outdoor air dehumidifiers will not be needed, further adding to energy savings. Also, using two independent systems provides redundancy in case one system fails or is down for repairs.

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