Saint Johns County Public District in St. Augustine, Florida was looking for a solution to poor humidity and temperature control at one of their elementary schools. The school was having trouble controlling the humidity and temperature of their washrooms.

Required make-up air for each washroom added heat and humidity to an already moisture laden space. The existing HVAC systems could not properly control the humidity and suffered from frequent compressor failure. The old equipment was being controlled by thermostats (rather than humidity controls) resulting in wide temperature swings which made the rooms too warm or too cold and incapable of removing excess moisture.

DCA’s area rep, Stan Weaver Co. of Jacksonville, FL, was contacted to provide a solution. Stan Weaver worked with DCA’s engineering department to devise a custom unit, a DCA1200T-OA, 2.5 ton 100% outdoor air dehumidifier with 600 CFM of supply air for each washroom. Each unit provides dry “neutral” air to replace that of which is lost to ventilation of the space.

DCA 100% OA dehumidifiers are designed for maximum dehumidification and not designed to be a primary source of room cooling. The 100% outdoor air dehumidifier system, which includes a remote condenser, removes moisture and delivers air at a neutral temperature. Therefore the unit does not significantly add to the cooling or heating load, and works with the building air conditioning system to control unwanted humidity.

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