A provider of intricate metal surface and tool grinding in the Midwest was plagued with a longstanding moisture build-up problem that needed a quick solution.

During the grinding process, a water-based lubricant was sprayed directly onto cutting tools and grinding wheels for cooling and lubrication. Most of the spray was collected into a pan or recaptured into a hood mounted above the machinery.

However, enough spray migrated throughout the building to eventually saturate the entire building and its contents with the coolant. When doors and windows were closed during cold months, several problems soon appeared:

  • A coating of rust quickly formed on the unprotected surface of freshly ground metal.
  • The building’s concrete floor condensed moisture, creating a hazard for fork lift operation and foot traffic.
  • Large electric motors driving the grinders and the building’s electrical panels took on moisture as they cooled overnight. When work resumed the next day and power was applied, short circuits were common and electric motors failed prematurely.
  • The concrete block building took on moisture, and blocks froze and broke apart during cold months.

The client called on DCA for a dehumidification solution to remove unwanted moisture. The goal was to dry up the space during off hours to eliminate problems. Five DCA2500T industrial dehumidifiers were placed strategically throughout the building. As dehumidification gradually removed excessive moisture, the problems subsided.

The client recouped the entire cost of the installed dehumidifiers in less than two years. Dehumidification helped reduce equipment maintenance costs, preserve building integrity and prevent product spoilage and rework due to condensation and rust. The client was so satisfied with the results that a division of the company became a distributor for DCA dehumidifiers, serving the local grinding industry.

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