Marriott International operates hundreds of hotel and motel indoor pools that require pool room dehumidification. Recently a Courtyard indoor pool in the Southeast USA required a dehumidifier replacement.

MSS Solutions, a national mechanical servicing company, was called upon to replace an older Desert Aire 3 ton dehumidifier that had served its useful service life. Because space confinements were critical, a replacement dehumidifier was needed that had a similar foot print and duct connections. Also critical was the fact that the Desert Aire was down, and to minimize any further damage to the pool room the replacement had to be sooner rather than later.

MSS selected a DCA1500T with matching remote condenser. The DCA was almost a drop in replacement for the failed Desert Aire making the switch out fast and economical. DCA was also able to provide a very quick turnaround time keeping down time to a minimum.

DCA is a market leader in providing a line of horizontal and vertical dehumidifiers that are very popular when called upon to replace competitors failed units. All units are available with or without pool water heating assist, and the applicable outdoor remote condenser for any ambient condition. Also available are various sources of pool room space heating and can be installed indoor or outdoors with various air flow options, and the introduction of outdoor make-up air as required.

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