Indoor growhouses and vertical farming allow not only for environmental and quality control but also more efficient use of space.

With the help of custom dehumidification options, indoor farming can yield high quality crops by creating ideal growing conditions.

Indoor Growhouse Dehumidification

iStock_74838341_LARGE.jpgAlso known as closed growing environments, indoor growhouses have gained more and more popularity in recent years.

The key to creating the optimal indoor growhouse is by allowing users to customize to the precise temperatures, humidity and CO2 levels (by others) in order to reach total air quality management.

Some options for indoor grow room dehumidifiers include horizontal or vertical configuration, indoor or outdoor installation (horizontal only), rooftop curb mounted, water source cooling, etc.

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Vertical Farming

capture-new.jpgWith indoor growhouses rising in popularity, new methods of indoor farming are being created, which has led to the innovative method known as vertical farming.

One type of vertical farming involves the configuration of vertically aligned “fields.” Plants are grown along the sides of specially designed trellises.

This new method, among others, will continue to shape and revolutionize the future of vertical farming, allowing for stronger growing conditions and optimized profitability overall.

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