Industrial dehumidifiers control relative humidity and dew point in many industrial applications, from waste and fresh water treatment plants, archive storage facilities, indoor grow rooms, and many more where the control of moisture is crucial.

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DCA industrial dehumidifiers outperform air conditioning systems by properly removing air moisture to meet scrupulous specifications and location standards. Another disadvantage of most A/C systems is the raised percent relative humidity brought on by the lowered room temperature to uncomfortable levels, all the while wasting energy. This can make an A/C counterproductive for industrial dehumidification. 

Industries Using DCA Industrial Dehumidifiers:

  • Printing: Industrial dehumidifiers control moisture content of paper or corrugated cardboard to ensure proper registry. They remove moisture in a space as the seasons and weather change, which ensures product quality and proper equipment performance.
  • Grinding and machining: In facilities where water-based coolant is sprayed on tooling during machining operations, a building can quickly become saturated. Industrial dehumidifiers keep moisture from condensing on cold surfaces such as floors, wall, electric motors, electrical panels, product and floors.
  • Food packaging and processing: Controlling dew point and air moisture in hygroscopic (moisture-absorbent) product storage or processing facilities is essential. Industrial dehumidifiers manage these variables to prevent coagulation from high dew points during the packaging process.
It is clear that dehumidifiers are crucial to the success of numerous industrial applications. To ensure every dehumidifier satisfies your needs, DCA factory-tests all of its products for capacity and efficiency.

Industrial Dehumidifier Options

  • Horizontal or vertical configuration
  • Indoor or outdoor installation (horizontal only)
  • Roof top curb mounted 
  • Water source cooling
  • External gas or electric heat
  • Internal hot water heat
  • BMS Controls - BACnet
Not only do you get quality assurance when choosing DCA dehumidifiers, but also the following benefits:
  • Trouble-free automatic operation
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Improved productivity
  • Consistent product quality control
  • Comprehensive 3-year warranty on all industrial dehumidifiers and remote condensers
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing and unmatched experience

Dehumidifier Corporation of America offers air-cooled systems, as well as water-cooled versions using sources that include geothermal energy, cooling towers, chillers, processed water and city water.  Contact DCA to learn more about our industrial dehumidification systems.

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